Four of the original 6 Members of U.D.
George Schulz (second from left) honored the original members with beautiful UD clocks. Ray Dong, Steve Garey, Hank Kosciuszko, and Don Nicholson were on hand to claim their clocks.

In short, we are the fans.

From six Detroiters who started our club in 1969, we formed Unlimiteds Detroit and now have several hundred members.

Detroit area members meet hydro personalities, and form support groups for various activities. We also publish Thunderboat Magazine, 10 issues of the latest news and photos, behind the scenes developments, historical articles and interviews.

We're not an exclusive group. The only prerequisite for membership is an interest in Unlimited Racing, and we'd like you to join us. Our $35 annual dues include a subscription to Thunderboat Magazine. This annual color calendar and other items are also available for members to purchase.