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This search tool returns a listing of photos in our database (the "RESULTS" page) that match the keyword you provide (above). The listing contains a full description, the photo credits and a clickable thumbnail photo so you can view a larger image. You can search for boats, drivers, photographers etc.

The database is an on-going project. To date, we have 4302 photos in the database and more photos will be added on a regular basis.

Resource used for this database:
Hydro's Who's Who 1946-2000
Jim Sharkey
6522 E. Camino Vista #3
Anaheim, Calif. 92807


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PLEASE respect our photographers! DO NOT RE-DISTRIBUTE without the photographer's permission!


How to use the SEARCH tool...

Just enter a keyword or search string, then press the GO button.

It is best to use smaller keywords unless the search is yielding too many hits.

Examples: Searching for Smokin' Joes, you should enter Smokin or Joes, then press SEARCH Searching for photographer Mike Millenbach, you should select Mike Millenbach from the "Featured Photographer" select box, then press SEARCH.